University of Oxford

Rogue Waves

Scientists Recreate 25-Year Old Freak Wave in a Laboratory for the First Time

For the past 25 years, scientists have struggled to explain how large and unexpected waves are created.
Daniel Oberhaus
Forever Alone

There’s at Least a 39 Percent Chance We’re Alone in the Observable Universe

A new report from researchers at the Future of Humanity Institute reworked the Drake equation to include scientific uncertainty and found there’s a pretty good chance we’re the only intelligent life in the universe.
Daniel Oberhaus

Scientists Are Redesigning Supermarkets to Make You Go Vegetarian

Oxford researchers have redesigned stores to encourage shoppers to buy more greens and less red meat.
Daisy Meager

Scientists Are Developing Fizzy Drinks That Could Help with Cancer Treatment

Scientists at Cancer Research UK are developing a drink filled with oxygen bubbles that could make tumors more receptive to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Daisy Meager
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Popular People Are Basically Invincible, Says Science

Apparently having a massive crew is akin to doing morphine.
Allison Tierney

Why Exercise Experts Say You Should Spit Out Your Energy Drink

According to new research from exercise physiology researchers at the University of Hertfordshire, you may not need to swallow sports drinks to get their promised energy boost. Swilling the liquid around your mouth could be just as effective.
Phoebe Hurst

Food Tastes Better If You Use Heavy Forks and Knives

Turn up the music, use some comically big spoons, and please pass the heavy cutlery. I’m ready to eat.
Alex Swerdloff
food porn

Scientists Say Arranging Your Food in a Triangle Makes It More Instagramable

According to a study published in Food Quality and Preference, dishes arranged in an upwards triangle shape are most appealing and can impact how much we’re willing to spend on food.
Josh Barrie