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barrier reefs

The Great Barrier Reef Is Losing Its Ability to Recover from Bleaching Events

Researchers documented a six-fold decrease in the recovery rate of the world's largest reef.
Daniel Oberhaus
Bird Flight

A Theory On Why Birds Don't Crash Into Each Other

Future anti-crash systems could take a lesson from birds.
Sarah Emerson

We’ve Destroyed 10 Percent of Earth’s Wilderness Since 1992

”If these trends continue, there could be no globally significant wilderness areas left in less than a century.”
Daniel Oberhaus

Our Most Potent Antibiotics No Longer Work

A drug called colostin used to be our last line of defense. But researchers have found bacteria in China that's colistin-resistant, and they're certain it will spread.
Julian Morgans

The Sad Way People Eat When They Live Alone

Australian researchers have found that lack of cooking knowledge and motivation, rising prices for food, and not having a companion with whom to grocery stop are all reasons why your diet bites when you live alone.
Wyatt Marshall

I Tried to Make My Own Vegemite Moonshine

Australia’s Indigenous Affairs Minister came under fire last week after warning that the country’s remote Aboriginal communities were distilling illicit alcohol from Vegemite. I put the claim to the test by attempting to brew my own batch.
George Nelson

Zen and the Art of Being Malcolm Turnbull

It mostly involves sitting around not bringing attention to himself.
Julian Morgans

Looking Towards a Serum from Ebola Survivors to Aid in Outbreak Treatment Efforts

The potential success of this treatment method has received attention in the international community, even inspiring calls for blood donations from survivors.
Kayla Ruble