University of Southern California


Court Documents Reveal How Affirmative Action for the 1% Really Works

Scandalous new details about the University of Southern California's admission process came out as part of the ongoing 'Varsity Blues' trial.


Gynecologist accused of sexual misconduct could cost USC $215 million in a class action suit

Scores of women say they were sexually abused by George Tyndall. He has denied all wrongdoing.


LAPD investigating trove of naked photos found in college gynecologist's storage unit

“The photos were taken for medical purposes years ago, with the patients’ consent, and not viewed again by anyone, including Dr. Tyndall," his lawyer said.


Bill Walton Shouting Out Wu-Tang's Raekwon During Asheville-USC Game Is Gold

"Thank you Raekwon for your life, which has given us OURS."


Nice Man Gets Emotional After Wife Gives Him Lifelong-Dream Rose Bowl Tickets

Sports certainly made this man's life better. And for that we should be grateful.


Referee Takes a Scary Hit From USC Player, Is Taken Off the Field

Cherry was taken off the field after a long commercial break to check in on him. Still no word yet on his condition.


Hollywood movies are still very white, straight, and male, study says

A new study of 800 recent movies found that women and minorities were underrepresented in speaking roles — and to an even greater degree, behind the camera.


Meet the USC Professor Who Wants to Solve the World's Problems with Skateboarding

Neftalie Williams sees skating as a tool for cultural diplomacy—something he has experienced firsthand while working with kids in countries such as Cuba, Brazil, Spain, and Afghanistan.


The Lights Went Out on the Oregon at USC Game

Nope, unfortunately no one shot the lights out.


Sensors Bring You Face to Face with Your Virtual Reality Avatar

You've never been closer to being one with your digital self.


The Last Semester of Justin Jay

Go back to college with the weirdo-house provocateur and peep the exclusive of his new tune "How I Knew."


Let’s Call Female Online Harassment What It Really Is: Terrorism

If we want to make the internet a safer space for women, we need to start by recognizing the threats they face there for what they actually are.