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Humans May Reverse a 50 Million Year Climate Trend After Just Two Centuries

50 million years ago, the world started cooling. The industrial revolution marked the beginning of the end of this climate trend.
Daniel Oberhaus
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Republicans Want to Expel College Kids for Heckling

A new state bill would force the University of Wisconsin to punish students for protesting and heckling speakers.
Allie Conti
Big data

Meet the Farm Hackers Working to Make Growing Food More Efficient

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are working out ways to make the farm of the future as efficient as possible.
Samantha Cole
Carbon +

Why Future Microprocessors May Ditch Silicon for Carbon

For the first time a carbon nanotube transistor significantly outperformed a silicon transistor, paving the way for faster phones and computers.
Daniel Oberhaus

In Joe Pavelski, the Sharks Have Finally Found the Captain They've Been Waiting For

Pavelski was an unheralded prospect taken in the seventh round. Now, more than a decade later, he's one of the NHL's top players—and still unheralded.
Joshua Kloke

The Dairy State’s Master Cheesemaker Won’t Answer Your Emails

Gary Grossen, the master cheesemaker at the University of Wisconsin, lives and breathes cheese—so much so that it's nearly impossible to reach him by cell phone or email.
Nick Woods

Scientists Are Genetically Modifying Their Way to New Types of Beer

From brews to biofuels, this new method for making hybrid yeasts will have its perks.
Daniel Oberhaus
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The Processor in the iPhone 6 Could Cost Apple $862 Million

A jury says Apple infringed on a computer processor patent awarded to the University of Wisconsin in 1998.
Nicholas Deleon

Nigel Hayes, You Can't Fool Us

We're not buying that Wisconsin basketball player Nigel Hayes "accidentally" called a woman beautiful in a press conference
Jorge Arangure Jr.