This Is How Much Weed Costs in 120 Cities Across the World

We built a map with data from the 2018 Cannabis Price Index, a study that condenses data collected by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and other research.


Bolivia ended its drug war by kicking out the DEA and legalizing coca

Though the US said this month that Bolivia has "demonstrably failed" to fulfill its counter-narcotics commitments, there is less violence, less cocaine, and even less coca in Bolivia than there was before.


UN Report Urges Solutions to Dark Web Drug Trade

The agency has called for more legislative and technological methods for clamping down on the dark web's narcotics marketplace.


The Rise of Mexican Black Tar

VICE News travels to the remote mountains of Guerrero, Mexico, to follow the lucrative and destructive path of black tar heroin as it makes its way to the US.


The Rise of Mexican Black Tar (Trailer)

Coming soon: VICE News travels to the remote mountains of Guerrero to follow the lucrative and destructive path of black tar heroin, from Mexico to the US.


How Russia Became the New Global Leader in the War on Drugs

The Kremlin's new role as the most vocal proponent of the drug war has created a domestic HIV crisis, led to allegations of corruption, and slowed the pace of reform worldwide.


Opponents of the War on Drugs Are Not Satisfied With the UN's Plan to End It

The United Nations is drafting a document that will shape global drug policy in the coming years, but critics say it's insufficiently supportive of policies like harm reduction and decriminalization.


Iran Is About to Execute Another 100 Prisoners for Drug Offenses

Following reports of Iran's recent killing of all adult males in an unidentified village over purported drug ties, its routine bloodletting has increased international revulsion at the United Nations' complicity.


​We Asked an Expert What Would Happen If the UK Decriminalized All Drugs

The UN was apparently about to release a report advising exactly that this week before suddenly changing its mind.


Richard Branson Just Leaked This UN Document Calling for Drug Decriminalization

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime authored a paper advocating the decriminalization of drug use, then apparently tried to bury it — but Branson wasn't having that.


Poor Addicts Are Sharing Heroin-Laced Blood in Kenya's Port City of Mombasa

"Blood flashing" is a side effect of endemic drug addiction in East Africa's largest port, which has rapidly evolved into a major international heroin transit hub.


How Bolivia Got Smart and Convinced Poor Farmers to Grow Less Coca

Cultivation of the plant used to manufacture cocaine has declined in Bolivia for the fourth straight year, a success achieved without relying on heavy-handed eradication programs.