unrequited love


Why We Love People Who Don't Love Us Back

In 2007, a boy came on my tights at a house party and then abruptly stopped talking to me—and I've been obsessed with him ever since.


Working Valentine’s Day at a Flower Company Is Anything but Romantic

From elderly women reciting penis poetry to sad cases of unrequited love.



Lately I have run into Troy everywhere. I spotted him at a Whole Foods squeezing summer fruits. I swayed next to him one boozy night at a Wilco concert on the beach. Often I attempt to catch his eye, but he never looks at me.


Museum Mouth Make Unrequited Love Sound Awesome

It's the catchiest album about being obsessed with someone you can't have that you'll hear all day.


What Kids Say - Would You Rather? (Dark Version)

This used to be my favorite parlor game to play to try to out-torture other adults on poker night. Now I'm playing it with kids, and I started off by asking if they'd rather kill one person or cut off the arms of 35. Fun times!