Fish Balls Are Served with a Side of Politics in Hong Kong

For many people in Hong Kong, the fish ball represents the city’s struggling Cantonese identity, as it unwillingly becomes more and more eroded by China.


The Indian government shut down media in Kashmir as tensions rise

Authorities seized newspapers and shut down cable tv after the worst outbreak in violence the region has seen in six years


Long-Overdue Haitian Elections Marked by Violence and Delays

The elections have been repeatedly postponed since president Michel Martelly's election in 2011.


Burundi's President Wins Third Term Amid Anger Over His Legitimacy

President Pierre Nkurunziza has received 69 percent of the vote in Burundi's contentious ballot, while opposition supporters in Bujumbura told VICE News that they didn't respect the election.


Burundi’s Response to Coup Said to be Brutal as Embattled President Reclaims Control

Several leaders involved in the attempted coup in Burundi were taken to court on Saturday, but reports of torture, beatings, and violence are already emerging.


'I Would Rather Die Than Go Back': We Spoke to an Opposition Activist on the Run About Life in Bangladesh's Jails

Thousands of activists have been jailed during three months of nationwide opposition protests, many swept up in mass arrests, and the country's prisons are bursting at the seams.


Do You Like Grindcore? Good, Then You'll Love Unrest's New Album

Stream the raging Philly trio's aptly-titled new album, 'Grindcore.'


Can the University of Massachusetts Amherst Stop Its Students from Rioting Over the Super Bowl?

Administrators have banned guests in dorms on the day of the big game.


Fear, Tension, and Assault Rifles: Inside a Ferguson Bar

The Dellwood Lounge remained unscathed through all the unrest. Maybe the people on the street were just as afraid of what was behind the plywood as the men on their barstools were of the chaos outside.


Americans Support Mexico's Anti-Government Protests — As Long as They Stay in Mexico

The same tactics Americans are celebrating from Mexican protesters would be condemned from protesters in the US, which has a NIMBY attitude toward revolution.


Video: 100,000-Strong Brussels March Against Austerity Ends in Violence

The Belgian capital is the latest European city to experience a large-scale anti-government protest in recent days.


The App Hong Kong Protesters Are Using to Avoid the Government Isn't Secure

Protesters might think it's secure, but Chinese government agents can probably hack it.