Uriah Hall


Dropping Weight Before a UFC Fight Is Pure Hell

This is how Uriah Hall loses 35 pounds in a hurry.


UFC Belfast Quick Results: Mousasi Gets His Revenge

Gerard Mousasi bested Uriah Hall in Belfast and the champ champ Conor McGregor even made an appearance in the Octagon following Artem Lobov’s win over Teruto Ishihara.


Mousasi versus Hall: The Do-Over

Gegard Mousasi's knockout loss to Uriah Hall was an embarrassing bolt from the blue in a fight that the Dutchman had been dominating. We revisit the first bout and talk about the upcoming do-over.


Waiting for Uriah: Strange Decisions and the Occasional Spinning Knockout

Uriah Hall is one of the most hit-and-miss performers in the middleweight division and a lot of that comes down to his baffling tactical decision making. We take a look at Hall's habits in his most recent performance against Robert Whitaker.


Mix 'n' Match: Pairing Three Flawed Fighters with Perfect Coaches

No fighter or coach is perfect, but sometimes the two mesh in ways previously unimagineable. We take a look at three great talents with obvious flaws and assign them to coaches and camps who might be best suited to turning them around.


Freddie Roach Has Tough Words for Ronda's Boxing and Uriah Hall Has Bizarre Words for Her Critics

Two ways to handle the world of social media after a sport-changing event.


Game Breakers: Five Moves That Won Fights They Shouldn't Have

MMA is unlike any other sport in that the losing participant can take the lead and end the contest in a single instant. We take a look at five of the slickest trick plays in fighting history.


Weighing the Options of Uriah Hall

Last weekend, Uriah Hall scored the biggest win of his career with an epic TKO of Gegard Mousasi. So where does he go from here?


UFC Japan Quick Results: The Warmaster Returns, Uriah Hall Shines

The UFC's return to Japan was packed to the edges with fun fights, but Uriah Hall's win is the one we'll be talking about at the water cooler on Monday. Here's a recap of the action for those who missed it!


Uriah Hall Remains in the Shadow of His Most Spectacular KO

Had it not been for that KO we might have reasonable expectations of Hall, but after being hypnotized by his spinning kick, it seems like it’s expected every time he steps into the Octagon.


The Stakes and Strengths of UFC Japan's Co-Main Event

When Gegard Mousasi and Uriah Hall meet in Japan this Saturday, the stakes will be high and the action will be riveting.


Fightland Meets - Uriah Hall

The 'Ultimate Fighter' sensation talks about training and getting his mind right before his big fight this weekend.