US Department of Agriculture


USDA Scientists Are Quitting in Droves. That’s Really Bad News for Climate Research.

Facing a forced move to Kansas City, as many as 80% say they'll quit, decimating research on crop yields, honey bees.


Someone Posted Weed and Viagra Spam On a US Department of Agriculture Site

The USDA blamed the issue on a "web form" that was abused to post spam.


This International Food Spy Brought Us Meyer Lemons

On today's episode, author Daniel Stone talks about the mysterious Frank Meyer, and how he brought a coveted fruit to the US.


Researchers Have Developed Edible Food Packaging Made of Milk

The new casein-based film is biodegradable, sustainable, and edible—and full of protein to boot.


A Record Amount of US Forest Went up in Flames Last Year

US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak says his department's job has become increasingly difficult due to climate change and a constrained budget environment in Washington DC.


No, Bacon Isn't Better for the Environment Than Lettuce

While bacon might produce less greenhouse gases than lettuce per calorie, looking at serving sizes tells a different story altogether.


China's Newfound Love for North American Lobster Is Driving Up Prices at Home

Looks like it’s time to hit up Beijing for an honest taste of down-home Maine. Now if only we could get some of that good ol’ American gai lan.


You Can Now Fight High Egg Prices By Renting a Chicken Online

Egg prices may be skyrocketing, but you can get anything on the internet these days. Including live chickens for temporary use.


Proposed Legislation Will Allow Firefighters to Shoot Drones Over Wildfires

"The legislature needs to send a signal that our society simply won’t put up with this nonsense."


These Fat Pigs Could Ruin Your Holidays

A different kind of obesity problem — of the porcine variety — could affect millions of Americans these holidays.