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Russian Hacking of the US Elections Was Worse Than We Thought

A new report claims the Russians compromised 39 states—nearly twice as many as previously reported.
Drew Schwartz

Billionaire Trump Funder Also Paid for Milo Yiannopoulos’ College Speaking Tour

University of Washington records confirm Yiannopoulos’ speaking fee as zero dollars, and entirely self-financed.
Matt Guariglia

How 2016 Became the Year Politicians Forgot How Politics Work

The world's scheming geniuses have spent 2016 completely screwing everything up.
Sam Kriss

No One Knows What Ben Carson Will Do as America's Housing Boss

The former neurosurgeon has an inspiring life story, but it's hard to say what qualifications he'll bring to the table as Donald Trump's secretary of housing.
Allie Conti
Donald Trump

How Will Trump Use Drone Warfare?

“Everyone in DC is basically asking a variation of this question.”
Ben Sullivan

How the 'Trump Effect' Is Making School Hell for Minority Students

Since Trump won on Wednesday, white students in schools across the nation have spewed hate at people of color, the LGBTQ community, and immigrants.
Erica Euse

New Era, Who Dis: A Deep Analysis of That Awkward Photo of Trump Meeting Obama

Just two guys, palling around, being presidents.
VICE Staff
Vice Blog

How Much Damage Can Trump Actually Do to Immigration Policy?

Trump shaped his campaign with ideas like building a border wall, banning Muslims from the country, and kicking out all 11 million undocumented residents. But what does he have the power to actually do?
Meredith Hoffman

Photos from an Anti-Trump Protest in London

It was a small demonstration, but did provide some kind of hope: the people who represent everything that's right about Britain far out-ranked those who want to see it turned into a one-race hellscape of hate, mundanity, and fear.
Jake Lewis
Noisey News

If You're Feeling Shaken by the Election, You Can Email Best Coast About It

Bethany Cosentino has set up an email hotline for those left feeling 'helpless' by the result.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Watch Schoolboy Q Cover YG's "Fuck Donald Trump"

"Donald Trump is now the punkass President"
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Run the Jewels Release a New Song in Response to the Trump Victory

You can stream the reflective "2100" now.
Lauren O'Neill