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US Tourists Think They Were Hit by Those Weird 'Sonic Attacks' in Cuba

After a handful of American diplomats reportedly suffered hearing loss from a bizarre sonic device, dozens of US citizens say they think they were targeted too.
Drew Schwartz

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Donald Trump claims millions voted illegally, the feds say they won't force the removal of Standing Rock pipeline protestors, Cubans to mourn Castro at Revolution Square in Havana, and more.
VICE Staff

Photos from an Anti-Trump Protest in London

It was a small demonstration, but did provide some kind of hope: the people who represent everything that's right about Britain far out-ranked those who want to see it turned into a one-race hellscape of hate, mundanity, and fear.
Jake Lewis

Londoners Are Protesting Against the Ferguson Decision Right Now

A crowd has gathered outside the capital's US embassy—a full report will be on VICE tomorrow.
Simon Childs

We Asked an Iraqi Teen What She Thinks of ISIS and America

Islamic militants killed 28 women on her street, but after coming to the United States, this Iraqi teen girl said it's Americans who seem depressed.
Zach Schwartz
Zachary Schwartz
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Mike Gogulski Might Be the First Case of Successful Voluntary Statelessness

In late 2008, Mike Gogulski walked into the US embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia, and renounced his citizenship; later he burned his passport in defiance. He is, in all likelihood, the only person alive today to have successfully made himself stateless...
Atossa Araxia Abrahamian