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Oregon Wants to Kill More Federally-Protected Sea Lions to Save Endangered Fish

A case study in the unforeseen consequences of well-meaning attempts at wildlife conservation in the Pacific Northwest, so protective as to be counterproductive.


Can the Endangered Species Act Adapt to Climate Change?

If threatened species are going to survive climate change, so must the Endangered Species Act.


Boston Is Covered In Goose Poop and People Are Mad As Hell

Our FOIA request for Boston City Council records revealed a city that's hopelessly entrenched in feces.


Drunk Bros Suspected of Killing One of the World's Rarest Fish Captured in Nevada

They allegedly fired shotguns, left behind beer cans and a pair of boxer shorts, vomited, and went skinny-dipping in the fish's habitat near Death Valley National Park.


'Blood Does Not Buy Goodwill': Hunting Study Calls Into Question US Approach to Wildlife Management

US officials say legal hunting of some species helps to discourage poaching and keep populations from interfering with humans and livestock — but a pair of researchers say that's partly a myth.


Your Birth Control Pills and Hamburgers Might Be Making These Fish Intersex

Researchers from the US Geological Survey and the US Fish and Wildlife Service found that a whopping 85 percent of smallmouth bass and 27 percent of male largemouth bass were intersex in 19 wildlife preserves in the northeastern US.


The Obama Administration Just Made It Virtually Impossible for Hunters to Import African Lion Trophies

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has put two sub-species of lion under federal endangered species protection five months after the killing of an iconic African lion set off global outrage.


While Asia Grabs the Headlines, This Region's Illegal Wildlife Trade Is Also Booming

Mexico, Haiti, and El Salvador top the list of Latin American countries exporting illegal wildlife and illegal animal products to the United States, according to an analysis of government data by conservationists.


Monarch Butterflies Are Getting Wiped Out in Mexico and the US

Deforestation in Mexico and habitat destruction in the US have led to a 90 percent decline in the butterfly's population since 1996.


PETA Says 'Pay To Play' Scheme Allows Circuses and Big Game Hunters to Import Endangered Animals

The animal rights group has filed a lawsuit against the US Fish and Wildlife Service, alleging the agency allows the importation of endangered rhinos and elephants in exchange for donations to conservations groups.