US Geological Survey


US Government: Don't Roast Marshmallows Over Hawaii's Volcano, You Idiots

It looks like we have another Tide Pod situation on our hands.


Hawaii Volcano Threatening to Shoot Ten-Ton Boulders into the Sky

Along with a cloud of volcanic ash that could travel up to 20 miles from the summit.


Rocks as big as cars are about to blow from Hawaii’s volcano, scientists predict

And scientists don't know when the summit would stop erupting.


Louisiana’s Plan to Punch a Hole in the Mississippi River

To save coastline, the state is attempting the “most important environmental construction project in US history.”


FOIA: NPS Director Suggested Trump Administration 'Manage the Talking Point' of Climate Scientist's Meeting with Mark Zuckerberg

Internal government emails reveal new details about Mark Zuckerberg’s canceled meeting with a US Geological Survey climate scientist.


FOIA: Internal Emails Show Government Officials Scrambling to Explain Why Climate Scientist’s Meeting With Mark Zuckerberg Was Canceled

Unpublished documents reveal new details about the circumstances behind the high-profile Facebook event.


Mount St. Helens Is ‘Recharging’ With Magma, Say Geologists

“The volcano is still very much alive.”


Damaging Earthquakes Are Now As Likely in Oklahoma City and Dallas As in Most of California

The publication of a new earthquake risk map by the US Geological Survey last week is prompting public officials to reevaluate protocols for protecting roads, bridges, and other infrastructure.


Environmentalists Sue the Oil Companies Allegedly Causing Oklahoma's Big Earthquakes

Oklahoma use to see two or three earthquakes a year — but now there are that many each day due to the number of wells being drilled in the state.


A Series of Strong Quakes in Oklahoma Triggers Republican Scrutiny of Oil Drilling

Oklahoma was hit with over 900 tremors of magnitude 3.0 or above in 2015 — and the fracking industry is widely blamed.


Oil-Rich Oklahoma Has Been Hit by Nearly Three Dozen Earthquakes Since Wednesday

The Sooner State has gone from having one or two small earthquakes a year to nearly three a day, with more than 900 quakes of magnitude 3.0 or above in 2015.