US Immigration and Customs Enforcement


Hackers Breach Company That Makes License Plate Readers for U.S. Government

The hacker known as "Boris Bullet-Dodger" has published what appears to be internal data belonging to Perceptics, which provides license plate reader technology for the Mexico border.
Joseph Cox
Caroline Haskins
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Facebook can't decide if Homeland Security ads are “political content"

The DHS ads are a test case for Facebook’s new policies.
Keegan Hamilton

Watch VICE Impact's New Video 'Solidarity for Sanctuary'

The daily struggle undocumented residents go through is alive and well.
Impact Staff

Immigration Detainees in California Were Given Rancid Meat While in Custody

Department of Homeland Security inspections have revealed that two Orange County facilities served rotten cold cuts to those detained for their immigration status.
Alex Swerdloff

US Customs Police Paid Contractors to Monitor the Dark Web

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has paid Flashpoint around $150,000, according to public records and documents obtained by Motherboard.
Joseph Cox

US Immigration Sting on Church Breaks with Policy on 'Sensitive Locations'

ICE agents pretending to be police officers lured Reynold Garcia out of church last month so that they could arrest and deport him, leaving his community in suburban Illinois terrified of enforcement actions to follow.
Meredith Hoffman

These Undocumented Women Are Hunger Striking Against Their Detention in Texas

Many of the 27 women on strike have written letters claiming that they are served inedible food and are denied adequate medical care and legal representation as they wait for their cases to be resolved.
Liz Fields
Crime & Drugs

A Third of the Inmates Being Released Early from US Federal Prison Face Deportation

As a new sentencing law allows many low-level drug traffickers to be freed from prison, advocates say that efforts to deport the non-citizens among them effectively punishes these convicts twice for the same crime.
Meredith Hoffman

US Immigration Officials Accused of Recruiting Colleagues for Sex Parties

A complaint filed by ICE employees in San Diego includes lurid details of swinger-style soirees as well as allegations of abuse of power against subordinates, who felt pressured to participate.
Open Water

They Survived the 'Train of Death,' Only to Face Detention by US Immigration

A group of maimed Honduran Migrant Activists, injured while riding the northbound Mexican freight train known as La Bestia, or "The Beast," hope to tell President Obama about the hardships facing migrants seeking entry to the US.
Mike LaSusa
Crime & Drugs

Feds Are Deporting Legal Immigrants for Non-Violent Drug Crimes

Drug offenses were the most serious conviction in roughly 266,000 deportations between 2007 and 2012 — at least 38 percent of which were for possession.
Ted Hesson
officer involved

Homeless Man Fatally Shot by Cops on LA’s Skid Row Assumed Stolen French Identity

US officials have yet to identify the 39-year-old man's real name, but say he is a Cameroonian national, and not French as he claimed.