US Navy


The Growing Costs of Bad Government, at Home and at Sea

From the Foxconn boondoggle in Wisconsin to the 7th Fleet, the system is failing the people that depend on it.
Rob Zacny
space weather

A Giant Sun Storm During the Vietnam War Likely Exploded Dozens of Mines

“The extreme space weather events of early August 1972 had significant impact on the US Navy, which have not been widely reported.”
Becky Ferreira

The US Navy Wants Undersea Gas Stations for Underwater Drones

Access to undersea gas stations could allow Gavias and other underwater drones to spend more time scanning the seabed, searching for crash survivors or locating enemy mines.
David Axe
ICEX 2018

As the Ice Melts, Nuclear Submarines Train for Arctic War

Hundreds of sailors from the US Navy and British Royal Navy meet under an ice floe in the Arctic Sea for ICEX 2018.
David Axe
The VICE Guide to Right Now

These Women Spent Five Months Lost at Sea with Their Dogs and Tons of Pasta

Before the Navy came to rescue them, they had been floating aimlessly through a pack of sharks.
River Donaghey

In Search of the Truth Behind Canada's Most Infamous UFO Sighting

It's been 50 years since one of the most well-documented UFO incidents in Canadian history.
Hillary Windsor
High Seas

We Asked an Expert Why America's Naval Vessels Keep Crashing

A veteran guided-missile destroyer commander weighs in on the latest US navy accident—and what it means for the North Korea situation.
Matt Taylor
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

London mosque attack leaves one dead and ten wounded, US jet shoots down Syrian warplane, police investigate killing of Muslim girl in Virginia, and more.
VICE Staff
Operation Moon Bounce,

How the Moon Was Turned Into a Cold War Spy Weapon

Leave it to the US Navy to weaponize the moon.
Daniel Oberhaus
humans of the year

Aubrie O’Rourke Trained Dolphins, Researched HIV, and Is Helping NASA Get to Mars

And she's just getting started.
Samantha Cole
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Democrat performs strongly but falls short of outright victory in Georgia special election, US aircraft carrier belatedly heads to Korean Peninsula, and more.
VICE Staff

China Is Giving Back the Stolen US Underwater Drone. What Now?

With two nuclear-armed states vying for influence in one of the world's most resource-rich regions, the stakes couldn't be higher.
David Axe