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Yet Another Woman Says Al Franken Groped Her

She's the ninth to accuse him of unwanted groping or kissing, the fourth to say he groped her butt.


Sen. Marco Rubio just threatened to “take care” of Alex Jones to his face

“You’re not going to get arrested, man; I’ll take care of you myself,” Rubio said.


A proud anti-Semite could get on the ballot in California's Senate race as a Republican

One poll shows Patrick Little running second to Sen. Dianne Feinstein with the primary a little more than a month away.


Sheriff Joe wants to become Senator Joe

He joins a field with two other Arizona Republicans likely vying for Jeff Flake's seat


Doug Jones declared next Alabama senator while Roy Moore claims fraud

Judge denies Moore's lawsuit demanding a re-vote


The Corruption Trial All of America's Crooked Politicians Are Watching

Thanks to a 2016 Supreme Court ruling and a new normal of influence peddling in Trump's DC, the federal case against Robert Menendez has taken on new urgency.


Kid Rock Is Running For Senate, Happy Apocalypse

He has confirmed his run via his website.


New Senate Bill to End Federal Stadium Subsidies Won’t End Stadium Welfare

U.S. Senators Corey Booker and James Lankford want to close a federal tax loophole for the bonds used to finance stadium construction.


Neil Gorsuch Is Accused of Plagiarizing a Section of His Book

A new investigation suggests Donald Trump's SCOTUS pick might have ripped off the work of legal scholars without properly citing them.