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Tim Weah Has the Talent—and the Pedigree—to Save U.S. Soccer

The son of African soccer icon George Weah just starred for the United States at the U17 World Cup.


The USA's Failure To Qualify for the World Cup Was a Long Time Coming

It took a miraculous confluence of events for the U.S. Men's National Team to fail to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. But it was not a fluke.


Panama Sub, Not a Ball Boy, Launches Ball into Stands to Kill Time

On a joyless night of soccer, a guy who didn't even play is our light in the darkness.


American Outlaws Tifo Problematically Calls Gold Cup, an Object, a "She"

It's not the best idea to give the Gold Cup—an inanimate object for which men compete—a female identity.


Tony DiCicco, Who Coached Iconic USWNT Team, Dies at 68

To trace the career of Tony DiCicco, who coached the U.S. women in their 1999 World Cup win, is to follow the transformation of the sport he devoted his life to.


We're at a Point Where It's OK to Expect More From the USMNT

Last night's matches at the senior and U-20 level proved to be a decent sounding board for the future of the sport in our country.


Mallory Pugh May Be the Savior the Spirit Don’t Think They Need

Pugh won't solve all the Spirit's on-field issues, but signing the 19-year-old was an important win for a Washington franchise in need of good news.


It Hasn't Gotten Any Easier to Be a Soccer Mom in the NWSL

Aside from the physical and mental challenges that come with getting back to elite form following childbirth, only the few NWSL players who are also on the U.S. national team get benefits like paid leave and childcare.


A Brief History of the United States Thinking It's on The Brink of Winning the World Cup

Bruce Arena thinks 2026 will be when we "start talking about winning a World Cup." U.S. Soccer has been talking about winning a World Cup since 1998.


The 2026 World Cup Joint Bid: U.S. Hosts Normal World Cup While Mexico, Canada Get Scraps

Nice of the United States to invite Canada and Mexico, I guess.


U.S. Women and U.S. Soccer Have a New CBA

USWNT and U.S. Soccer agreed to a five-year CBA, but the women did not get equal pay.


With Historic Losses at SheBelieves Cup, USWNT on the Hunt for Answers

The 2017 SheBelieves Cup, and the USWNT's last-place finish there, served as a wakeup call for anyone who still thinks of America as the lone superpower in the world of women's soccer.