Artifact: Rubber Bullet

As an African American man, this wasn't the first time I'd had a close encounter with police. But it was certainly the first time I smelled tear gas or had to don body armor.


Photos of a Lost Homeland

Nathan Bajar's photographs of the Philippines illuminate the uncanny experience of returning to a homeland that was never quite home.


How Honest Are We When Talking About Money with a Partner?

Why is it sometimes uncomfortable (or unattractive) to communicate about cash and socioeconomic status and what it means to us?


We're Closer Than Ever to Wiping Out Malaria

We're closer than ever to eradicating malaria, but not there yet. If we don't double down, we risk losing all the progress that's been made.


Climate Change Is Shifting the Border Between Italy and Austria

The border has shifted dramatically. Although it is natural for glaciers to slide, the creep of global warming has melted it more rapidly than anyone could have foreseen. Eventually, the geo-defined frontier will likely disappear.


These Contorted Photos Will Make You Feel Weird About Having a Body

Blaise Cepis's trippy new exclusive series for VICE focuses on visual trickery to create playful photographs.


Photos from the Front Lines of the Ukraine Conflict

Photographer Michela AG Iaccarino spent two years among soldiers and civilians inside the hotly disputed Russia-Ukraine border areas, and this is what she saw.


Life and Death in the Wake of an ISIS Siege

Inside the city of Kobani, which has weathered some of the worst fighting in the Syrian war.


The Story Behind the Poignant Cover of VICE Magazine's June Issue

We spoke to Elliot Ross about his arresting photo of the clothes of asylum seekers hanging out to dry in a transit camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.


June's Best Books, Albums, and TV

We reviewed STARZ's new series 'The Girlfriend Experience,' Lee Lockwood's 'Castro's Cuba,' and a bunch more books.


Why American Right-Wingers Are Going to War in Ukraine

What the Islamic State is for disenchanted young Westerners of an Islamist bent, Right Sector has become for young Europeans and American right-wingers with an antique passion for nationalism—any nationalism except for Russia's, that is.


Censorship and the Future of the Internet According to Yasmin Green

Green is the head of research and development at tech incubator Jigsaw, a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet. To Green, access to information is a fundamental human right, and she's on a mission to ensure it.