The September Stories Issue


A Boob Pin That Symbolizes Self-Representation, Identity, and the Female Body

Marina Garcia-Vasquez, editor-in-chief of Creators at VICE, discusses why this pin is so important to her.


Feedback from Museumgoers May Be Changing the Art World

Curators are paying attention to audiences at large.


Still Lifes That Pair Plant Life and Manufactured Materials

Photographer Gabriel Zimmer wants to see if synthetic and natural can symbolically exist


Your Jeans Are Ruining the Earth

Denim's environmental impact is huge.


A Short Story About Acceptance and Loss by Eka Kurniawan

The Indonesian author's new novel, 'Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash,' is out this month.


What Does Our Trash Say About Us?

Archaeologists are taking a closer look at contemporary junk to understand our culture.


Nearly Two-Thirds of Egyptians Don't Use Formal Bank Accounts

Here's what many of them do instead.


These Kenyan Grandmothers Are Learning to Fight Back Against Rapists

In some of their country's slums, self-defense is the only option.


Ernest Hemingway's Likeness Is Being Used to Sell Tourism in Havana

America's literary hero is big business in a country most Americans can't visit.


It's Time to Get a Fanny Pack

On this episode of 'The VICE Magazine Podcast,' we find out why the 80s staple is making a comeback and talk to Krishna Andavolu about the stigma around mothers who smoke marijuana while pregnant.


Scenes from an Epic Flower Battle in Spain

Colorful images from photographers Samantha Friend and Jessica Pettway.


What Does the Word 'Queer' Even Mean Today?

How much does what we call ourselves matter when it comes to how and whom we love?