val kilmer

  • The Fourth Dimension

    We teamed up with Grolsch Film Works and got three directors to make three short films about that most elusive and confusing of dimensions, the fourth. Then, we took their work and smooshed it into one feature-length film, which we think is about as...

  • Val Kilmer Told Us He Saw an Alien

    I talked with Val Kilmer, Harmony Korine, and Eddy Moretti about their short contribution to VICE's new film "The Fourth Dimension" and what, if anything, it all means.

  • Go See The Fourth Dimension

    Defining it is like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube while blindfolded and whiskey drunk. Also, without hands.

  • SF - Go See The Fourth Dimension Tonight

    The idea of the fourth dimension is a mindfuck that has stumped some of biggest brains in philosophy and mathematics for centuries. We figured it out and made a movie about it.