How the Makers of ‘Vampire: the Masquerade’ Convinced its Customers the Game Isn't for Nazis

After being accused of pitching its game to the alt-right, the makers of a tabletop RPG have forcefully come out against hate.


'A Strong Woman,' Today's Comic by Valentine Gallardo

As Sophie struggles to hide a secret from friends, she gets caught off-guard in a huge business meeting.


How a New Orleans Vampire and a Cajun Chef Made Blood Sausage Together

Self-proclaimed vampire Belfazaar Ashantison met with New Orleans chef Isaac Toups to learn about the intricacies of cooking with blood and partake in some together.


Lazyboy Empire's Video for "Vampire" Proves You Can Never Have too Much Sax

Time to get saxy. And BTW—this video has a body count and a whole lotta hip thrusting.


New Study Says It's Hard Out There for Real-Life, Blood-Drinking Vampires

The paper describes how vampires, though living ordinary lives, are extremely tired. In order to revive their energy, they need to find people who are willing to let them drink their blood. Unfortunately, the world isn't quick to accept that.


How-To: Make Gothic Cocktails with Tony Conigliaro

Tony takes us deep into the underworld by creating three gothic-inspired cocktails including the Nosferatini – a martini that tastes like blood—and the Silver Bullet, a werewolf's worst nightmare.


Check Out the Trailer for 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night'

Writer and director Ana Lily Amirpour's debut film is the best Iranian vampire noir that you'll see all year.


There's Nothing More Damaging Than School

Here are a few stories about horrible or funny things that happened to people at school, including menstrual finger-banging and biting little girls until they bleed.


Vampire Prevails Against Banker Bullies

With Julian Assange continuing to sit on allegedly damaging banking leaks, one vampire has taken the bull by the horns. Frustrated by the demands of his local Wells Fargo, he buckles down and turns the tables.



Photos by Bijoux Altamirano, Styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos


Vice Fashion - Bite Me

Photos by Adrian MeskoStyling by Stevie Dance