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Early Works

Yes, Rob Huebel Still Listens to Van Halen

Also, he once stalked Oliver North's secretary. Really.
Rob Huebel

Who Is Guy Fieri?

Meeting the man who lives below the frosted tips, and discovering why a little bit of him lives in all of us.
Helen Hollyman
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Listen to a Young Van Halen Cover The Kinks, Black Sabbath and More

They definitely give it that VH touch. From the David Lee Roth toasting to the EVH guitar squeals, it's all there.
Noisey Staff

6 Unlucky Artists Who Never Got Paid for Their Famous Works

The man who invented the smiley face is not smiling.
David Widen
Holy Shit

Van Halen Is Beefing Again Because Van Halen

Eddie trashes everyone who's name isn't "Van Halen."
Craig Jenkins

See Rare Photos of The Police, LL Cool J, & More in a New Photography Exhibition

Legendary photographer Lynn Goldsmith's snapshots come center-stage in 'Streets of NYC' at Morrison Hotel Gallery Soho.
Emerson Rosenthal
we asked a smart person

We Asked a Van Halen Expert about Their Reunion Performance on Jimmy Kimmel

He talks about that whole broken nose thing, Wolfie on bass, DLR in a body suit....
Greg Renoff

The Guy Behind the DadBoner Twitter Account Explains Internet Fame

Comedian Mike Burns is perhaps best known as the creator of @DadBoner on Twitter, the ongoing story of Karl Welzein, a divorced dad who loves Van Halen and muscle cars. DadBoner is about to get an animated series pilot for Comedy Central, so we talked...
Grant Pardee
nfl preview 2014

The NFL Previewed in Song, Part VI: The NFC South

Welcome to the swampy home of Josh McCown.
VICE Sports