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The Youngest Player Starting in MLS: The 16 Project

Alphonso Davies has come a long way in a short time. Born at a refugee camp to parents fleeing civil war in Liberia, he walked onto the pitch in Vancouver 15 years later as the second youngest MLS player ever.
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MLS Commissioner Don Garber Wants to Make the League More Relevant in Canada

Garber said MLS would be willing to subsidize a fourth designated player spot for the league's three Canadian franchises, an attempt to create a stronger brand within the country.
Daniel Samuel

As MLS Grows, Will the Hardcore Fans Still Be Welcome?

MLS has been marketing directly to urban 20-somethings and promoting the supporter culture they've brought. Are they prepared to deal with the baggage?
Leander Schaerlaeckens
masato kudo

Masato Kudo Suffers One of the Scariest Hits You'll See in Soccer

This is a scary hit, but he was later described as "alert and aware."
Sean Newell
Jozy Altidore

Great Moments in Sports Photography: Flipping Off Jozy Altidore

In sports, one team wins and the other loses. With this picture, everyone wins.
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Puppet Killer: One Man's Controversial Twitter Quest To Save American Soccer

Ted Westervelt is known in American soccer circles as @soccerreform, a vitriolic one-man army determined to save the sport from itself.
Kevin Koczwara

Lee Nguyen's Globe-Spanning Search For a Home

From teenage American soccer standout to Dutch league washout, Lee Nguyen's journey hasn't been for the faint of the heart, but it's finally paying off.
Kevin Koczwara