How the Most Bizarre and Offensive Reality TV Show of All Time Got Made

FOX's 'The Swan' chronicled 16 women as they underwent extensive plastic surgery and weeks of intensive therapy. Over a decade later, the key players involved with the reality TV show look back at what made the show so particularly surreal.
Rod Bastanmehr

I Spent a Night Touring the Gold Coast’s Worst Rated Nightclubs

Why do people criticise the Goldy? We went to find out, armed with a list of reviews by anonymous internet whingers.
Mimi LaMontagne

The Belfie Stick Lets People Photograph Their Butts, Because People Want to Do That

This 40-inch retractable and bendable rod allows users to capture their ass on camera with little physical effort.
Erica Euse

How Cynical, Clumsy 'Morality Viral' Videos Took Over the Internet

Following the media attention and the millions of views garnered by the recent "​10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman" video, people have been clamoring to recreate the same video all over again.
Lucy Hancock

I Played 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood' and It Changed My Life

The app, set to bring in $200 million this year, guarantees I won't dress wrong or stay poor.
Joseph Bien-Kahn

Why the 'Cock in a Sock' Thing Is Vain Bullshit

Finally, pumped-up douchebags have found an acceptable outlet for their egotism with #cockinasock .
Amelia Abraham
we are not men

Man Have Sex with Girl in Cave: Dissecting ‘Gigolos’

It is conceivable that, one day, I will meet someone who has walked on another planet. The person will describe for me the cosmic insignificance of our individual lives and how simultaneously splendid and bleak the universe is. I will make a face and...
John Saward

Yemen's Deposed President Has Built a Museum Dedicated to Himself

In addition to one pair of exploded jeans the ex-president was wearing when someone tried to blow him up, the gallery consists of some 2,000 pieces from 81 countries, mostly given to him as diplomatic gifts during his 33-year rule. I went along to gawk...
Tik Root, Photos: Juan Herrero