Vatican City

Fast Food

McDonald's Opens in Its Most Controversial Location Yet: Vatican City

Last week, McDonald’s set up shop within a stone’s throw of the home of the Catholic Church in Vatican-owned property, and not everyone is lovin’ it.
Wyatt Marshall

Bolivia's President Suggested the Pope Try Coca

During Evo Morales' visit to the vatican he gave Pope Francis three books about the coca leaf.
Gabriela Gorbea

Chile Takes Its First Step Towards Easing Pinochet’s Total Ban on Abortion

Deputies approved a bill allowing abortion in three highly restricted cases amid much heated debate in the chamber and on social media. The reform, celebrated as historic by women’s rights activists, now goes to the senate.
Nicolás Ríos
defense & security

Pope Francis Is About To Head Into A War Zone For First Time Ever

Securing a papal visit is never easy. And how do you do it when the most public Christian figure in the world heads into a country in tatters, devastated by sectarian Christian-Muslim violence?
Justin Rohrlich

Mexico Forgives Pope Francis After ‘Mexicanization’ Spat

The term seemed to strike a nerve in Mexico, which in the early years of its military-led campaign against criminal cartels worried that it would suffer a “Colombianization” of drug-related violence.
Andrea Noel

Michael Sam Gets Engaged In Vatican City

Michael Sam, you may have heard of him once or twice, is now engaged to his boyfriend after popping the question in Vatican City.
Sean Newell