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The Pope Says Women Probably Won't Ever Be Able to Become Priests

He's not 100 percent sure the ban is forever, but he said "it is going in that direction."
Mike Pearl
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The Vatican Says Catholics Shouldn't Spread Their Dead Relatives' Ashes Around Anymore

People are now supposed to keep them at a cemetery, and not on the mantel at home.
Allison Schaller
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Pope Francis Thinks Catholics Owe the Gay Community an Apology

Francis has continually proved to be one of the more liberal popes the Vatican has seen in years.
VICE Staff
mental illness

My Life as a Kleptomaniac

It still shocks me when people react negatively to my stealing. I guess part of the horror/beauty of mental illness is the totally blinkered relationship you develop with risk. Getting busted doesn't even occur to me.
Patrick Marlborough

How the Church Decides if a Miracle Worker Becomes a Saint

We spoke to a doctor whose job is to scientifically evaluate a supposed miracle.
Demented Burrocacao
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Bernie Sanders Is Speaking at the Vatican Next Week

"I think the Vatican has been aware of the fact that, in many respects, the pope's views and my views are very much related," Sanders said.
VICE Staff

A Brief History of the Relationship Between Mexican Drug Cartels and the Catholic Church

Pope Francis used a recent visit to urge Mexicans to steer clear of the temptations of drugs and illicit cash, but when it comes to local cartels, the Catholic Church has its own questionable history to contend with.
Brian McManus

Papal Paraphernalia

We went out in the streets of Mexico City looking for papal memorabilia.
VICE Staff
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The Vatican Says Jews Don't Need Jesus to Be Saved

The church also told its followers to cool it on the whole converting Jews to Christianity thing.
Brian McManus
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Bishops in the Vatican Finally Admit They Know Nothing About Sex

Because, you know, they don't have it.
Michael Cuby

The Weird and Fraudulent World of Catholic Relics

For centuries, some Christians have venerated the bodies and possessions of saints, but more often than not, there's no way to tell whether something is St. Peter's skull or a really old potato.
Rick Paulas

Denmark's Only Exorcist Is Rather Busy

We talked to Father Lars Messerschmidt about demonic possession and the fact that the Devil can speak all languages.
Andreas Digens and Esben Elborne