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Chakuza has perfected this veal Cordon bleu with cucumber sesame salad, yogurt dip with chives, and Syrian potato salad.


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Sometimes you come home and stare at the fridge, wondering what to make for dinner. And it’s in times like these that you need to take the sage advice of a German rapper.


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I'm Bringing Faggots Back to London's Restaurant Scene

People aren’t interested in meat and two veg anymore, you’ve got to mix it up. I put faggots and veal with cream of St George’s mushrooms on the menu recently and I’m amazed at the uptake.


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In the 70s, the Netherlands consumed more cheese than meat. That's why the Dutch Meat Office looked to two culinary trendsetters to revolutionize the meat industry with a cooking device that serves up gnome-sized dinner portions you'll find at every...


These Burgers Taste Like Human

It's often said that cannibalism is the last taboo. Maybe that's why I struggled so much eating a "human" burger—a mix of different meats carefully combined to apparently be as close to the taste of long pig as possible.


How-To: Make a Cordon Bleu with Chakuza

The Austrian chef-turned-rapper invites us into his kitchen and shows us how to make his delicious version of crispy veal escalope Cordon Blue, filled with Parmigiano, dry-cured ham, and arugula.