Veerender Jubbal


A Sikh man is being wrongfully blamed for a major terror attack for the third time

Just after the Paris attacks last year, someone photoshopped an image of Toronto man Veerender Jubbal to make it look like he was wearing an explosive vest and holding a Qur'an. That fake image is now back and making the rounds on Twitter.


Gamergate Supporters Are Responsible for the Terrorist Photoshopping of Journalist Veerender Jubbal

Evidence obtained by VICE connects the widely published doctored image with Gamergate supporters.


What Could Possibly Go Wrong with a Social Media Terrorist Manhunt?

Some unidentified person photoshopped a selfie of Canadian writer ​Veerender Jubbal to make him seem like a terrorist, and multiple news outlets fell for it. We spoke to a media expert about what this hoax means for privacy, safety, and the future of...


This Canadian's Photo Was Doctored to Make Him Look Like a Paris Attacker — And Some Media Bought It

Veerender Jubbal took to Twitter over the weekend to clear his name after social media users and media outlets picked up the photoshopped picture and spread it, wrongly concluding he was a Paris bomber.