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Jacy Reese Thinks Technology and Ethics Will See the ‘End of Animal Farming’

Scientists, activists, and entrepreneurs are teaming up to push a future of shuttered slaughterhouses and lab-grown meat.
Matthew Gault

Eid al-Adha Made Me a Vegetarian, But I Learned to Love It Anyway

Growing up, the holiday, in which Muslims slaughter a lamb to commemorate Ibrahim's sacrifice, traumatized me. I've since come to appreciate Eid al-Adha for showing me the reality of where meat comes from and the value of togetherness.
Leila Ettachfini

Veganism Is Growing in Japan, But Followers Say It Isn't Always Easy

How do you create a vegan movement in a country raised on broth made from pork bones?
Rachel Krantz

We Sent Someone to Sweden to Try the IKEA Veggie Dog

The news that IKEA was launching a vegetarian hot dog rocked the internet this week. But how does it taste?
Simon Espholm
Impact Water

1,800 Gallons of Water Goes Into One Pound of Meat

Cut down on your water footprint without starving yourself at dinnertime.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

The Rise of the Vegan Bro

Once the preserve of hemp fans and people who smoke apple bongs, veganism is now overrun with “bros”—guys who think meat is for pussies and call tofu “the tits.” But does such frat boy rhetoric actually help the movement?
Lara Williams
Living With It

I'm a Vegetarian Stroke Survivor and I Have to Eat Meat

I needed to try everything I could to get my life and my muscles back.
Harshada Rajani

How I Almost Died Pretending to Be a Vegetarian in College

I didn't think of myself as a pretend vegetarian lying to my friends. I told myself that I was just a vegetarian who kept having meat accidents with my mouth.
Nate Dern

Why Men Are Afraid of Going Vegan

The popularity of plant-based diets may be on the rise, but they are still overwhelmingly taken up by women. In order to find out why, I asked two very different experts: Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph, and radical feminist Carol J. Adams.
Brook Bolen

Will Turin Become Italy's First Vegan City?

Over the next five years, Appendino's newly formed council plans to prioritize educating the children of Turin on the environmental impact of meat production in the hopes that it will reduce consumption for future generations.
Alex Swerdloff

Why More Tibetan Nomads Are Going Vegetarian

Over the last 15 years, a wave of Tibetans has fully embraced vegetarianism, as nomads and previously isolated towns have gotten access to other foods besides yak products.
Clarissa Wei

This Vegan Ground Beef Burger Sold Out of Whole Foods in an Hour

The plant-based product made its supermarket grand debut yesterday at a branch of Whole Foods in Boulder and sold out in an hour.
Alex Swerdloff