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The MUNCHIES Guide to Labor Day Grilling

Labor Day is our last real chance to spend a weekday grilling steaks and seafood and whatever else tickles our fancy before summer starts to turn to fall. So make it count.
Munchies Staff

Vegan Beet Burgers Recipe

This recipe from Chandra Gilbert has the most delicious meat-free patty ever and all the fixings, including chili mayo and truffle cashew cheese.
Chandra Gilbert

Burgerlords Veggie Burger Recipe

You can't beat a great burger, and this one is so great that it will make you forget that it's meatless.
Maximilian Guerrero
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This Veggie Burger is Butcher-Approved

Who better to trust with your vegetables than a woman who knows her way around a slab of meat?
Munchies Staff

Ultimate Vegetarian Burger Recipe

Packed full of beets, mushrooms, lentils, and bulgur, this burger is so meaty, you'll forget there's no meat.
Cara Nicoletti
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Stop Making Bad Veggie Burgers and Eat This Meatless Wonder Tonight

Burgerlords have just saved all of us—carnivores and vegans alike—from a life of crappy veggie burgers from the frozen foods aisle.
Munchies Staff

YACHT Reveals Some of LA's Secret History with Veggie Burgers

On the latest episode of 'MUNCHIES: The Podcast' I chat with the band YACHT about LA’s mysterious histories and the restaurants that exist in unusual spaces.
Helen Hollyman

The Secret to a Great Veggie Burger Is Experimentation

After years of skating around Los Angeles as a vegetarian, my brother and I figured out that the secret to a great veggie burger is all in the experimentation.
Maximilian Guerrero

Meet the Tumblr Kings of the Los Angeles Burger Scene

What began as a collection of absurd burger GIFs on Tumblr has transformed into Burgerlords, one of the most mind-blowing new burger joints in LA. Oh, and it's run by a couple of vegetarians.
Natalie B. Compton
mexico city

How to Dodge Death Delivering Food in Mexico City

Los Loosers, Mexico City's premier only vegan lunch delivery-by-bike service, is providing delicious lunches to a city that is several times the size of NYC. When I had the recent chance to do a ride along on the delivery route, the day was slightly...
Jamie Peck
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How-To: Make Vegan Burgers with Chandra Gilbert of Gracias Madre

Made with black beans, mushrooms, rice, and beets and topped with truffle-cashew cheese, spicy chili mayo, and crunchy veggies, this is the best veggie burger you'll ever have.
Chandra Gilbert

These Veggie Burgers Taste Like Blood

The next generation of veggie burgers has arrived. And they’re bloody. Silicon Valley-based Impossible Foods is changing the way that we make meat out of plants.
Hilary Pollack