Venezuelan Crisis


Venezuelan Opposition Reps May Have Partied in Colombia Instead of Supporting Their Soldiers

“This seriously damages the role of the opposition in Colombia and in Latin America”


Inside the UN's first tent camp for Venezuelans who fled to Colombia

“People will keep coming until Venezuela is left empty.”


The aid standoff has only made things worse for Venezuelans in the border zone

“Things were already difficult. How much worse can they get?”


Humanitarian aid has become the political weapon of choice in Venezuela's power struggle

“It is regrettable that aid has become a pawn in the political chess match between the governments of the United States and Venezuela.”


Photos of Young Venezuelans Protesting in Caracas

On February 12, protesters took to the streets of Caracas to demand that humanitarian aid trucks, which remain blocked at the border, be allowed to enter the country.


Cybercriminals Are Taking Advantage of Venezuela's Economic Crisis

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp social engineering scams have become common in the country.


Photojournalists Capture the Violence and Emotion of Venezuelan Protests

See the Venezuelan crisis firsthand in striking black and white photographs.