2 days ago

How a Petty Tweet Became a Gig Economy Fairy Tale

“Every single person I know has side hustles. Millennials and Gen Z stay evolving.”


Venmo Is Still Exposing Your Connections to Everyone You Know

The EFF and Mozilla published an open letter today urging Venmo parent company PayPal to fix the app's privacy holes.


Gab is back in business after finding a payments processor willing to work with the alt-right

The "Twitter for the alt-right" was kicked off PayPal, Venmo, Square, and Stripe, but now it has "Second Amendment Processing."


Cybercriminals Are Taking Advantage of Venezuela's Economic Crisis

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp social engineering scams have become common in the country.


This Bot Tweets Photos and Names of People Who Bought 'Drugs' on Venmo

Venmo transaction data is public by default. But a programmer has taken that data stream and is tweeting the username and photos of users who buy 'drugs'.


A Privacy Researcher Uncovered a Year’s Worth of Breakups and Drug Deals Using Venmo’s Public Data

Unless you change the settings yourself, the stuff you do on Venmo is publicly visible. “Public by Default” explores the easily accessible details of Venmo users’ lives.


I Tried to Venmo $12.66 for 'ISIS' and the Government Was Pissed

It turns out the Treasury Department doesn't appreciate my sense of humor.


Thousands of People Venmo'd Beer Money to the Dude Who Made This Sign

As of Monday morning, more than 3,000 people have paid Sam Crowder through Venmo after he made a sign asking his mom for beer money.


What's the Most 'Expensive' Emoji, According to Venmo

It's not the burrito emoji.


The Canadian Government’s Digital Cash Tech Is Finally Going Commercial

But is it all its cracked up to be?