Dancing VS the State

How to Throw a Party That's Safe—No Matter Where You're Throwing It

Architect S. Surface gives us their best tips for fire safety, proper exits, disability accessibility, and more.
Ezra Marcus
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Take a Wander Around Printworks, London's Newest Venue

The multidisciplinary space is set to open in South London at the start of the new year.
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A New Patent Could Allow Apple to Disable Your iPhone's Camera at Concerts

The tech giant has been granted a patent that could block the camera option temporarily in specific locations.
Hannah Ewens
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Here's a Sneak Peek of The Brooklyn Mirage Before It Opens this Weekend

Cityfox's outdoor party space is back; scope these 3D renderings before it opens on May 21.
Mike Steyels
Britain at Night

London Mayor Boris Johnson's Statement About Nightlife and Venues is Actually Completely Meaningless

Despite vowing to commission an investigation into the nighttime economy, Bo-Jo's words contain very little substance.
Josh Baines
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Flash Factory Revives a Party from Better Days of New York Clubbing

The Manhattan club is hosting the first event from Bruce Forest’s reimagined Better Days club series.
Anna Codrea-Rado
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Vancouver's Pilot Program is More than a Victory for the City's Right to Party

Cost of living, by-laws, and a lack of public funding—now the arts community is finally getting some love.
Hollie McGowan

The VICE Guide to Los Angeles: Art, Music, and Culture

The film industry aside, LA is a hotbed for art—and if you're one of those supreme weirdos who claims not to like music, there are plenty of killer museums, too.
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After Six Venues Closed in Six Months, Adelaide Wants to Be a UNESCO City of Music

Getting UNESCO recognition would be good for the scene, but shouldn't the scene be good to get recognition?
Mat Drogemuller

London's LGBT Community Protested the Closure of an Iconic Drag Pub

The war to save London's LGBT venues rages on. We talked some of the people on the front lines this weekend.
Michael Segalov
VICE Guide to Austin

Regional Enticements

If you’re a fan of underground music history, wander by the Ritz Theater and imagine Black Flag, the Misfits, Minor Threat, Bad Brains all tearing across its rundown stage in a time before the street was filled with carnival barkers and tattooed...
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VICE Guide to Chicago

Music in Chicago

Ruining music is cool if you’re the first one to ruin it. Slint, you’re in the clear. Everyone else after Slint? You’re fired. Somehow most of these offenders came from or moved to the city of Chicago. If it weren’t for labels like Drag City or Cadet...
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