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The FCC Is Investigating Cell Carriers' Wireless Coverage Maps

Smaller companies say big carrier wireless claims of uninterrupted, nationwide coverage are a “sham.”
Karl Bode
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FCC Says AT&T’s Zero-Rating May Violate Net Neutrality, But Punts on Action

It’s too late for the FCC to crack down on AT&T and Verizon’s ‘zero-rating’ plans.
Sam Gustin

Verizon Says It Has Enough Scabs to Offset 40,000-Worker Walkout, No Problem

Verizon workers launched a massive strike over the telecom giant's "greed."
Sam Gustin
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Verizon Settles With FCC for $1.35 Million Over Use of Supercookies

The company will now have to alert customers before sharing the data collected from “supercookie” trackers.
Kari Paul
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How to Torture a Smartphone

Motherboard recently visited Verizon’s device testing lab in suburban New Jersey to better understand the stresses smartphones undergo before reaching consumers.
Nicholas Deleon
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Why Verizon Wireless’ ‘FreeBee Data’ Is Anything But

Sponsored data has a new home at America’s largest wireless carrier.
Nicholas Deleon
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Verizon Will Charge You $20 More for Your Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan

The company says less than one percent of its customers will be affected by the change.
Nicholas Deleon
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Verizon Is Using the Cuban Government's Cell Phone Network

Verizon is going to Cuba, but the move will only benefit American travelers in the short term.
Jason Koebler
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The Death of Cellphone Contracts Has Created an iPhone Price War

First Apple undercut the carriers, then the carriers responded in kind.
Nicholas Deleon
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Sprint’s Newest Strategy to Poach AT&T's Customers: Literally Just Free Service

Can freebies save the 4th place network provider?
Clinton Nguyen

Verizon Just Killed Smartphone Contracts

Thanks, T-Mobile!
Nicholas Deleon