Veterans Day


Trump’s big, expensive military parade just got shelved

The military and the White House have “agreed to explore opportunities in 2019.”


Chili's Faces Backlash for Taking Back Free Meal From Black Veteran on Veterans Day

It all started when an elderly customer wearing a Trump shirt allegedly approached Walker and his service dog, then told the restaurant’s manager that Walker was not a veteran because he believed “no black soldiers” served in Germany and because Walker...


When Veterans Come Home, Many End up on the Farm

Can farming help veterans heal?


Veterans Urge US Military to Remove Barriers That Prevent Sikhs From Serving

Twenty-seven retired military leaders have signed a letter to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter asking him to remove barriers that effectively prevent observant Sikhs to serve without being forced to violate their religious obligations.


An Artist Crafted Remembrance Day Poppies Out of Lamb Heart Tissue

​Unlike the artificial ones, this one was built to wither away.​


What It’s Like to Be an Iraq War Veteran on Veterans Day

From fielding questions from his six-year-old son about Veterans Day to speaking to an auditorium full of college kids, Iraq war veteran Colby Buzzell has made the rounds.


We Need to Remember Britain's Muslim Soldiers

Almost 400,000 Muslims fought for Britain during WWI—a fact almost nobody knows.


One Degree of Separation in the Forever War

The tale of Reese and Yuri Hines, two brothers in two wars, suggests the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game needs a new name in the US military.


Meet the Porn Star Giving Veterans Blowjobs to Thank Them for Their Service

Jenny Jizz is honoring Veterans Day by letting military servicemen see fireworks.


Martin O'Malley Wants to Expunge the Records of Veterans Discharged for Being Gay

Since World War II, the US government has discharged an estimated 100,000 members of the armed forces for being gay, some honorably and some dishonorably.


The VA Secretary Has Announced a Massive Overhaul and Wave of Firings

Ahead of his first Veterans Day in charge, VA Secretary Bob McDonald announced plans to restructure the organization that counts more than 9 million veterans in its system.