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Is Virtual Reality About to Transform the Way We Experience Live Music?

I stood in a small room with a headset and felt like I was on stage with Fall Out Boy. Kind of.
Daisy Jones
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

A Very Generous Lorde Has Given Us Six 'Melodrama' Song Re-Workings

Six. Six! Thank you based Lorde.
Lauren O'Neill
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Here's Kesha's Emotional First Live Performance of "Praying"

The clip was filmed at a concert at YouTube LA last week.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Of Course Justin Bieber's "Sorry" Is the Most-Watched Music Video of 2016

It somehow defined the year without actually being from it.
Phil Witmer
Internet Exploring

Yay Canada! Justin Bieber Is the First Artist to Hit 10 Billion Views on Vevo

Take that Shania!
Byron Yan
International Women's Day 2016

No Right Time: The Harsh Reality of Being a Mother in the Music Industry

I didn’t stop to think how it would impact my career, but everyone else had already decided: I was out of the game.
Sian Anderson
Holy Shit

Disclosure Just Dropped a Brand New Visual for "Jaded"

Their new LP 'Caracal' comes out September 25.
John Hill
short circuit

​The UK Is Putting Age Ratings on Online Music Videos

Think of the children.
Victoria Turk

Seriously, What the Hell is Happening to Dance Music Videos?

Now that the MTV generation has passed, music videos live in a whole new world.
Lev Harris
Motherboard Blog

Re-Billboarding Online Videos Points to an Even More Dull Corporate Media Future

File under least surprising things: adding new ads to old videos.
Michael Byrne