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Watch a Circle of Emoji Cops Beat Up a Smartphone in This Glitch Art Series

In the 40th issue of FELT Zine, VCRs live on through the retro glitch art of Thomas McMahan.
Nathaniel Ainley
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A Peep Show Turns Violent in Stefana Fratila's Lynchian "Dancing" Video

The Romanian artist's new song addresses rape culture and victim blaming in male-dominated electronic scenes.
Corinne Przybyslawski
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[Premiere] 90s Japanese TV Gets Gloriously Glitched in This Music Video

Circuit-bent processors deliver some nostalgic VHS vibes from mid-90s Japan, and a fake documentary about a lost jellyfish becomes a low budget nod to Leni Riefenstahl in two new music videos from PolyGlove.
Kevin Holmes
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3D-Scanned Bodies Become Glowing Canvases in a Cyberdelic Light Show

By 3D scanning the band Woman, Cologne-based creatives Dmitry Zakharov and Jake Harrison Meyer explore the various types of modern reality.
DJ Pangburn

These Guys Want to Build a Pyramid of 'Jerry Maguire' VHS Tapes in the Desert

We caught up with the psychedelic comedy video collective Everything Is Terrible! to discuss their gloriously bizarro vision and massive archive of found footage.
Aly Comingore

'What's Wrong with Me?' Today's Comic by Berliac

A young woman wonders what is wrong with her in this strange manga.

Meet the Filmmakers Keeping VHS Alive

Music video makers Michael Reich and Mike Pinkney have turned their VHS aesthetic into a bizarre feature-length movie about Carrie but with cats.
Justine Smith

Giant Bottle Rockets and VHS Tape Sculptures Are a Blast

Willie Stewart drops fine art nostalgia bombs aimed at 90's kids.
Beckett Mufson

This Miyazaki Glitch Art Channels Vintage VHS Tapes

Rewind to pausing your favorite scenes from 'Princess Mononoke' and 'Spirited Away' until your VHS tapes broke.
Beckett Mufson
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This Guy Was Arrested for Never Returning His VHS Rental of 'Freddy Got Fingered'

Tom Green, who starred in what may be the most underrated movie ever, says he'll pay the fine.
VICE Staff

'Mortal Remains' Is a Throwback to Horror's Golden Years

The directors of horror “shockumentary” <i>Mortal Remains</i> talk lo-fi horror and a new VHS release.
Giaco Furino
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Sony Will Finally Stop Producing Betamax Tapes, Decades After Anybody Actually Cares

Forty years after it was first introduced, 30 years after it lost to VHS, and 20 years after everyone stopped caring about any video format built around magnetic tape, Sony's finally throwing in the towel.
River Donaghey