VICE Guide to Chicago


Rapper Mick Jenkins Loves the Museums in Pilsen

The hip-hop artist tells us why he chose to live and make music in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood.


The VICE Guide to Chicago

A handy guide to all the places that prove Chicago is second to no city.


The VICE Guide to Chicago: Getting Around

Get a compass or remember the lake is always east. Once you've got that down, the city is actually pretty easy to navigate.


The VICE Guide to Chicago: Touristy Stuff for the Non-Tourist

Conventional city wisdom will have you avoid all touristy areas at all times, but sometimes it's fun to play tourist whether you are one or not.


The VICE Guide to Chicago: Where to Drink

This is Chicago and we have a God-given right to drink wherever and whenever we please.


The VICE Guide to Chicago: Where to Shop

While Chicago's got all the obvious spots to help you stock up for your next haul, designer chain stores only scratch the surface of the city's (often bizarre) shopping scene.


​Felonious Munk Will Always Take the CTA

We talk to the comedian about Hyde Park's diversity and why he will always take the train.


The VICE Guide to Chicago: Where to Eat

This is a list of the fried and greasy and cheesy and horrible-for-you shit, because let's be honest, if you're reading this, you can't afford a meal at Alinea, let alone commit to a reservation six months in advance.


Random Stuff

Are you finding yourself crunched for time on your Chicago visit? Does your shopping list include a concrete gargoyle, Gene Simmons boots, getting your lip pierced, a stuffed alien, and a vibrating cockring?


Music in Chicago

Ruining music is cool if you’re the first one to ruin it. Slint, you’re in the clear. Everyone else after Slint? You’re fired. Somehow most of these offenders came from or moved to the city of Chicago. If it weren’t for labels like Drag City or Cadet...


Map of Chicago

VICE's map of Chicago.



Most of the shit mentioned in this guide is sadly located in or around The Crotch (Hate the game, not the players). No one in Chicago owns a car, so traveling to exotic lands beyond The Crotch is gonna take some serious forward-thinking and at least...