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This Is What Would Happen to Your Body if You Ate Instant Ramen All the Time

Depending on the product you buy, each one may contain 1000 mg (or more) of sodium.
Markham Heid
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Don’t Buy a Fake ID

Getting a fake is stressful, costly, and a waste of time.
Peter Slattery
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How to String Together Free Trials for More Than a Year

From free food to free rides, trials from HBO, Uber, Graze, and more are the broke person’s ticket to living the good life.
Gina Ragusa
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How to Refund Nearly Every Regrettable Purchase You Ever Make

Here’s what you need to know about returning anything from fake Yeezys to a plane ticket you just paid for—no matter what.
Gina Ragusa
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How to Call Out an Offensive Professor

A guide to making your voice heard without catching heat or damaging your grade.
Kim Tran
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How to Rescue a Friend From a Creeper

Because sometimes horrible people just can't take a hint.
Angela Hui
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How to Start Saving Money When You’re Broke

You don't need to win the lottery to get a little extra cash in your pocket. Small changes can add up to big savings.
Ilana Novick
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How to Find a Good Mentor

Whether you're in college, at your first job, or just staring down a future that might be nice to have a little advice on, we could all use some help navigating this big, scary world.
Leila Ettachfini
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How to Take Someone's Virginity Ethically

11 ways to make sure your partner feels sexy, comfortable, and cared for.
Anna Pulley
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How to Pick Your New Favorite NBA Team

No matter what kind of fan you are, from shameless bandwagon-rider to self-loathing masochist, there is an NBA team for you. Come find it.
Michael Pina
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How Not to Get Fired

Now that you got the job, it’s time to keep it.
Rick Paulas
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Five Signs Your Roommate Is a Creep

And how to get out.
Anna Iovine