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How to Survive Your First Wedding as an Adult

How to survive your first wedding as a grown-up without crying, vomiting, or a special compound move I call 'cry-vomiting.'
Joel Golby
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Woman Stole a Bus in New York After the Driver Told Her to Stop Smoking

The former bus driver only made it a few blocks before another bus got in her way.
Gabriella Lewis

All the Types of People You'll Meet at a Hostel

Do yourself a favor and avoid anyone wearing a fedora.
Ewout Lowie
The VICE Guide to Europe 2014

The Vice Guide to Milan 2014

While all the tourists make their bored pilgrimages to Rome and Florence, here in Milan we have the best food, the coolest fashion, the most attractive people and we all like going to bed early.
VICE Italy

The VICE Guide to Self-Esteem

An A-to-Z guide to getting confident, stupid.
Alison Stevenson

The VICE Guide to Pizza

Pizza is, without question, the greatest thing ever invented by humanity. Unfortunately, everyone fancies himself an expert on the topic. It's time that we as a society put our foot down and set some guidelines for what is and isn't pizza, so we...
Dave Schilling

The VICE Guide to Business School

If making artisanal mayonnaise in Brooklyn is how you’d like to eke out the rest of your existence, more power to you. I will eat the shit out of it. But if you want to actually afford that fancy mayo, along with a host of other fun luxury goods that...
Justin Dett
The Syria Issue

Road to Ruin

The roots of the conflict in Syria stretch back centuries—namely to the battle between the Sunni Muslim majority and a mystical-Shia sect known as the Alawites. This timeline provides some context to the recent bloodletting and its supremely convoluted...
VICE Staff

The VICE Guide to School

Going to school in the 21st century is much like it's always been, i.e. like walking a horrible, horrible tightrope of anxiety and embarrassment. Lucky for you, I possess the authority to help guide you through this terrible time. So spit out that gum...
Lucy Grace

The VICE Guide to Dating Rich Girls

As long as you realize she only keeps you around to annoy her parents, it's gonna be fun.
VICE Staff
The Russia Issue

The VICE Guide To Russia

Russia is poisoned. It's poisoned from shitty old cars running on leaded 76-octane fuel and it's poisoned from decades of Soviet waste. Its capital is the largest city in Europe and the most polluted.
Mark Ames