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The Cult of Debt Forgiveness

VICE Indonesia investigates Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, a bizarre cult that attracted a global following by promising to wipe away its followers' debts.


In Indonesia, Controlling the Weather Is Just Another Job

I hung out with rain shaman Aryo Hanindyojati while he trapped the heavens in a bowl.


What It's Like to Be a Rohingya Child Bride

When Rashidah was 12, a mob of hardline Buddhists set fire to her Rohingya village. The girl was subsequently sold into slavery and raped by human traffickers. Her only way out of that life was getting married to a man many years her senior.


What It's Like to Be the Daughter of a Notorious Gangster

Growing up in Badran, a rough neighborhood in central Yogyakarta, Indonesia, it took Wulan Mayastika a while to realize that things about her father just didn't add up.