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Are We Too Quick to Call Everyday Assholes Narcissists?

Kristin Dombek's new book The Selfishness of Others: An Essay on the Fear of Narcissism takes on our culture's tendency to overdiagose.
Kristen Dombek
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Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk on His New Novel, Turkish Censorship, and Twitter

We met up with the Nobel Prize-winning Turkish author to discuss his 12th novel 'A Strangeness in My Mind.'
Mary von Aue
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Read an Excerpt from Joshua Cohen's Tour-de-Force Novel 'Book of Numbers'

An excerpt from the novelist's astonishing new book about a failed writer and an eccentric billionaire, both named Joshua Cohen, in the internet age.
Joshua Cohen
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Read This Excerpt from 'My Struggle: Book Four,' by Karl Ove Knausgaard

An afternoon spent grilling with Dad and his new girlfriend turns dramatic in this powerful excerpt from the epic novel.
Karl Ove Knausgaard
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'Becoming Richard Pryor' Is a Nuanced Biography of a Comedy Icon Who Once Lit Himself on Fire

We talked with author Scott Saul about how the legendary stand-up comic became who he was, and how his comedy was the opposite of Bill Cosby's.
Louis Waldo
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An Excerpt from Casey Walker's 'Last Days in Shanghai'

Casey Walker's hilarious debut novel is about a Congressional aide, Luke, who goes on a junket to China with his boss.
Casey Walker

Who Cares What You Think of the Book You Wrote: Blake Butler on 'Three Hundred Million'

New York Tyrant publisher Giancarlo DiTrapano asked Blake Butler to interview him about Butler's terrifying new book, Three Hundred Million, about a psychotic cult leader and the detective trying to understand him.
the vice reader

Read an Excerpt from Sarah Gerard's New Novel About Bulimia

Read a selection from Sarah Gerard's new, fearlessly blunt novel about a young woman struggling with bulimia.
Sarah Gerard

Joe Wenderoth Cannot Be Vanquished

Wenderoth's newest book, If I Don’t Breathe How Do I Sleep, is a dark and peculiar volume you might keep in the same drawer with your Faces of Death tapes and the Flowers of Evil. I talked to him about his new poetry collection and...
Blake Butler

Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain Just Dropped Their First Book Since 'Please Kill Me'

Even if you haven't read Please Kill Me, you've seen its black-and-red ransom-note logo on even the most shallow of bookshelves. Legs and Gillian haven't put out a book together in 18 years, but last week they released Dear Nobody, a...
Benjamin Shapiro