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People Describe Their Earliest Sexual Fantasies

"It happened while I was watching 'Dracula: Dead and Loving It.' I suddenly started to feel somewhat confused and a little guilty."
Ana Iris Simón

People Tell Us the Most Ridiculous Ways They've Lost Drugs

"After a night out, I went back to my parents' house in a pretty bad state. While getting my keys out, I dropped my weed on the stairs just outside the front door. My mom found it hours later."
Ana Iris Simón

Athletic Women Share the Worst Things People Have Said to Them

"I've been called a man and a bull and told that no guy will ever want to go out with me."
Alba Carreres

People Tell Us About the Crazy Stuff They Snuck Past Airport Security

"I didn't want to throw that gram of cocaine away. My grandmother lived through the war and raised me to never waste things."
Alba Carreres

We Asked People with Mullets Why They Have Mullets

"The haircut can make you look sexy, but as soon as you pop on a tracksuit, you look like a 12-year-old thug."
Pol Rodellar

This Handy Website Shows the Best Spots to Have Sex in Public offers more than 12,000 user-reviewed places for couples to bone outside the comforts of their own home.
Jordi Llorca
international women's day

Millions of Spanish Women Went on a Feminist Strike

An estimated five million women across Spain joined a historic strike to mark International Women's Day.
Laura Muriel
Ana Iris Simón
ten questions

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask an Asexual Person

"I've even been told that the reason I don't have sex is because nobody wants to sleep with me."
Ana Iris Simón

For Many Romani Women, Marriage Requires a Reconstructed Hymen

I hung out with a Spanish Roma woman while she was having her virginity "reinstalled."
Sabina Urraca
Hurricane Ophelia

Photos of People Fighting Hurricane-Related Wildfires in Spain

Hurricane Ophelia fuels wildfires across Spain and Portugal and has claimed the lives of at least 32 people.
Felipe Carnotto
Catalan Referendum

Photos of Barcelona's Strike Against Police Violence

Yesterday, 15,000 people protested the violent tactics that the Spanish police used during Sunday's independence referendum.
Mònica Figueras
Catalan Referendum

Catalonia's Vote for Independence Ended in Riots

At least 844 people and 33 police were injured in the violence sparked by the Catalan independence referendum yesterday.
Mònica Figueras