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Blunt Reviews

Blazing Trails in Frisco, Colorado

'Blunt Reviews' host Simone Sullivan books a curated mountain weed retreat in Frisco, Colorado.
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conspiracy theories

We Met With Crisis Actor Conspiracy Theorists and the Victims They Baselessly Attack

'The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement' talks to Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg and victims of the Sandy Hook and Sutherland Springs shootings.
Mack DeGeurin

Get Away from Your Family and Get Off to These Videos About Sex

Turn off the lights in your childhood bedroom, put in your headphones, and catch up on some of our favorite docs about kinky sex.
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Relieve Your Pent-Up Anger with These Five VICE Docs About Fighting

You know you really need this now.
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Playing Soccer in One of Mexico's Most Dangerous Barrios

We went there to watch a soccer game between one of Tepito's best known teams and Las Gardenias, a team made up by trans people who live in the barrio.
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​Robotic Fish, Lasagna Aphrodisiac, and Japanese YouTube Stars

From fish robots to food challenges with Japan's internet star Megwin, this is the latest on VICE.
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VICE Specials

Rebels, Feasts, and Life in Slow Motion: Latest on VICE

Rebels in the Central African Republic, lamb feasts in New Brunswick, MMA in Kabul, and life in slow motion. This is the latest on VICE.
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VICE Specials

Giants, Zombies, and the Islamic State: Best of 2014 on VICE

VICE host Krishna Andavolu takes a look back at the VICE network's best videos of 2014.
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Brazil Dismantled a Deforestation Gang

And more news from around the world.
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