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[Premiere] Ever Turn into a Plate of Spaghetti and Get Eaten By a Skeleton? Then You’ll Relate to This Video

The video for Beans’ latest, “Diamond Wizard,” follows a guy being chased through surreal 3D worlds by a dream-manipulating sorcerer.
Kevin Holmes
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Enter an ‘Alien Afterlife’ Inside a Video Game Installation

Aliens and the Tibetan Book of the Dead collide in artist Jeremy Couillard’s latest new media installation.
DJ Pangburn

Here’s What You Need to Know About Sony’s New PS4 Pro

No longer the "Neo," Sony's new, not-quite-next-gen console is out in November 2016.
Mike Diver

We Spoke to One of the Creators of 'Rocket League' About Its Surprise Success and What’s Next

We found out how Psyonix went from making a cult game with a ridiculous name to launching one of 2015's most popular titles.
Simon Coutu

Here’s What to Play on Your PS4 Now That ‘No Man’s Sky’ Is Delayed

The sci-fi epic from Hello Games has, apparently, moved back in the release schedule. But don't bemoan the delay—start playing these other games, instead.
Mike Diver
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The Devil, Advocated: ‘DmC’ Remains a Fresh Breath of Fire

Flamed on its original release by series fanboys, 'DmC' deserves its second chance on new-gen consoles.
Ewen Hosie
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‘Max Payne’ Was the Game That Understood My Depression

Remedy's neo-noir romp rippled with Norse mythology proved an unlikely companion when life was at its darkest.
Ed Smith
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Would You Kindly Read This Article on Gaming’s Greatest Plot Twist?

No video game of this or the previous generation has flipped its story quite as fantastically as 2K's original "BioShock."
Mike Diver
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This Was the Week in Video Games

The Peter Molyneux controversy continued, something called the World Video Game Hall of Fame came into being, and a bunch of games came out.
Mike Diver
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Why Aren’t There More TV Shows About Video Games?

Gaming is mainstream, but somehow it hasn't made it to the airwaves yet.
Mike Diver
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These Video Games Are Categorically Fresh to Death

It's usually a tedious, cobwebby metaphor for failure—but some of today's video games have wonderfully inventive approaches to "death."
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell
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What Can Be Done About Gaming’s Culture of Distrust?

Developers have turned on journalists, who are apparently waging a war against gamers, so how can we make a brighter future for what we hold dear?
Mike Diver