Photos of Modern Vikings Keeping Their Traditions Alive

Vikings Against Racism are out to show that you can cherish ancient traditions without being bigots.
Caisa Ederyd

We Asked War Reenactors Why

"I don't like living in a concrete building, so this is ideal for me. This is home."
Chris Bethell

Soldiers Have Used Drugs to Enhance Their Killing Capabilities in Basically Every War

In his new book 'Shooting Up,' the Polish historian Lukasz Kamienski traces the history of drugs in warfare, from the Viking berserkers to the Mumbai attacks.
Oscar Rickett
VICE vs Video games

My Night Getting Drunk with the ‘EVE Online’ Vikings

The game's annual Fanfest is a must for its most dedicated players—and it pays to show up with a taste for "burning wine."
Gav Murphy

The Telescoped Histories and Myths of 'Game of Thrones'

The new season of 'Game of Thrones' puts its own bloody spin on the history and myths of Islamic Spain and premodern Venice.
David Perry

The Ancient History of Grills

As ever-present as grills may seem today, mouth bling isn't new. Actually, grills have been appearing, disappearing, and reappearing throughout human history in fits and spurts as civilizations have risen and fallen around the world.
Lauren Schwartzberg

Ex-NFL Player Chris Kluwe Has Become an Unlikely Fighter for Gender Equality

As a football player, Chris Kluwe was a punter, but in his post-NFL life, he's been a beast, defending everyone from LGBT people to the victims of gamergate.
John Norris

Drinking the Black Death

Iceland's spirit, Brennivín, aka the "Black Death," is a beverage that has never been exported out of the country. One man, however, has found a way to import it into the US so that Americans can sip on the schnapps that tastes more like licorice than...
Kelsey Osgood
The Fashion Issue 2010

Bears Vs. Vikings

Photos by Terry Richardson Costume design and styling by Wendy Wright at New York Costume
Terry Richardson
The Fashion Issue 2010

Today’s Viking

And now, just for the sake of historical accuracy in light of the preceding photo story, which is accurate in lots of ways but not so accurate in some key ways, we present an interview with a real, a seriously really real, Viking.
Milène Larsson, Portrait: Anders Kristensson