Viktor Yanukóvich


Ukrainian Pilot Captured by Russia Returns Home After Receiving Pardon From Putin

Nadiya Savchenko arrived home in Kiev on Wednesday after nearly two years in a Russian jail, part of a prisoner swap for two Russians held in Ukraine.


'People Are Walking With a Noose Around Their Necks': Inside Ukraine's Huge Shadow Economy

A black market money dealer in Kiev wouldn't give his full name to VICE News, not for fear of being arrested, but because he did not want to be robbed.


'Heavenly Hundred' Remembered on Anniversary of Ukraine's Deadly Euromaidan Protests

Relatives are angry over the perceived inaction and lassitude of protest leaders and politicians, and the lack of justice for victims gunned down in the demonstrations.


Splashing Around with Ukrainian Kids at the World's Most Gigantic Aquapark

The photographer Guillermo Cervera always looks to portray a hidden side of world conflicts that news outlets won't immediately think to cover. For instance, when he was in Afghanistan a few years back, he took photos of the swimming pools and gyms in...


Hanging Out in Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's Mansion

VICE News went along with thousands of curious Ukrainians to scope out and walk around Yanukovych's house—sort of like a kleptocrat version of Cribs.


Ukraine President Agrees to Lift Anti-Protest Laws

As unrest spread throughout Ukraine, President Viktor Yanukovich announced the repeal of the anti-protest laws he passed only weeks ago.