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Winemaker Promises 'Painful Death' for Thieves Who Stole $50,000 in Grapes

"Please know a slow and lingering death will never be long enough for you and no amount of pain you could endure will [be] great enough."
Drew Schwartz

Meet the Bartender Making Wine Without Grapes or a Vineyard

Ryan Chetiyawardana of London’s White Lyan cocktail bar is making his own “wine” by fermenting herbs, tea, and fruit into an alcoholic drink that mimics the flavours of reds and whites—without grapes.
Emily Steer

Italy Just Got a Free All-You-Can-Drink Wine Fountain

A vineyard on the Cammino di San Tommaso pilgrimage route between Rome and Ortona has installed a fountain that flows with locally produced red wine. And it’s free for anyone to drink.
Phoebe Hurst

What Will Happen to Brangelina's Critically Acclaimed Wines?

Who knows? Maybe their split wasn’t actually caused by Marion Cotillard or child abuse, but disagreements over making a fabled “Super Provence” wine.
Nick Rose

If the Garden of Eden Had a Vineyard, This Would Be It

Jesuit priests first came to Madeira in 1595 and set about creating a Biblical Eden of grapevines at the bottom of a 300-metre cliff. Malmsey wine is still made on the island today, even using the priests’ original vines.
Johanna Derry

Meet the Winemaker Who Wants Us to Love Grappa

Grappa, the Italian liquor made from leftover grape skins, is usually associated with holiday-ruining hangovers—something Devon winemaker Cosmo Caddy wants to change. “Our grappa is more refined than the stuff you’ve had on ski trips,” he says.
Johanna Derry

The Hippies Are Right, Eco-Friendly Wine Really Does Taste Better

A new study from the University of California, Los Angeles has found that wine made with organic grapes is rated by experts as tasting better than that produced using conventional methods.
Phoebe Hurst

Global Warming Is Turning the Welsh Valleys into a Wine Hotspot

One of the few silver linings to come out of impending changes in climate is that countries like Wales—historically lauded for its ability to produce drinkable vinegar—will finally get a look-in on the viticultural landscape.
Rachel England

These Winemaking Punks Are Bringing Anarchy to the Vineyard

An anonymous "punk" winemaking collective is shaking up France's wine scene. Like the original punks of the 70s, their aim is to bring anarchy—albeit to the elitist wine industry.
Laura Martin

It Takes a Lot of Cow Skulls to Make Good Wine

Summerhill Winery is known for its world-renowned wines that rely upon the biodynamic method of holistic agriculture. The techniques—which include fermenting flowers inside animal viscera—adhere to an astrological calendar.
Alison Ashe
Earth Day 2016

How Norman Hardie Is Blurring the Line Between Old and New World Wines

We spoke to Norman Hardie about making wines in Canada’s harsh and changing climate, and why his wines hold up against Burgundy’s finest.
Nick Rose

Global Warming Could Be Good News for French Winemakers

According to new research published in the Nature Climate Change journal, recent increases in temperature are helping French vineyards to produce better wine.
Phoebe Hurst