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Dana Martin, First Trans Woman Killed in 2019

The 31-year-old Alabama resident was found in her vehicle, crashed in a ditch, with a fatal gunshot wound.
Diana Tourjée

In Historic First, Killer of Trans Woman Pleads Guilty to Hate Crime

This week, Joshua Vallum pleaded guilty to brutally murdering a 17-year-old trans woman because of her gender identity. This is the first time someone has been prosecuted under hate crime laws for violence against a trans person—but some advocates...
Diana Tourjée

A 21-Year-Old Just Survived Being Shot Twice

New reports from the police indicate the unnamed victim in a recent Philadelphia shooting identified as male.
Diana Tourjée

US Sailor Accused of Stabbing Transgender Woman 119 Times

Dee Whigham was brutally murdered in July, 2016, but the true extremity of the violence committed against her was just revealed this week. The Navy seaman accused of killing Whigham was on active duty as of the end of July, and police believe the two...
Diana Tourjée
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We Check Out an Artist Making Art with Her Brainwaves on Today's 'Daily VICE'

We also meet the stripper fighting back against an exploitative system, investigate the underlying cause of 2015's violence against transgender women, and head to an independent record label market.
VICE Staff

What Can Be Done to Stop Violence Against Trans Women?

Michelle Vash Payne, a trans woman in Los Angeles, was murdered by her boyfriend over the weekend. We asked an expert to contextualize her death within the trend of violence and misogyny toward trans women.
Allegra Ringo