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Tyler, the Creator Thinks His Voice Is Keeping Him Off of the Radio

In an interview with GQ, Tyler, the Creator, says he's still looking for radio play but has his own theory on why it hasn't happened yet.
Kristin Corry
baylor university

Baylor University AD Ian McCaw Resigns

Baylor's athletic director has resigned as fallout from sexual assault scandal continues.
Sean Newell

New York City Is Amazingly Safe Right Now, Despite All Those Headlines About Knife Attacks

Chill out, people.
Matt Taylor

Is Filming the LAPD Driving Up Crime in Los Angeles?

According to one expert, citizens filming incidents of police brutality could be discouraging cops from enforcing the law.
Mike Pearl

How America’s Lax Gun Laws Help Criminals and Cripple Minority Communities

The haphazard patchwork of state and local gun laws exacerbates the tragic, everyday violence that has disproportionately devastated minority communities in the US.
Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes

What's Behind the Recent Plague of Shootings in Baltimore?

Whether it's cops pulling back after unrest over Freddie Gray's death, the warmer weather, or systemic problems like poverty, a lot of people are getting shot in Charm City these days.
Rachel M. Cohen

​Former Gang Members Are Trying to Snuff Out Violence in New York City

Crime is up in New York City, but there seems to be a decent way of reducing gun violence that requires absolutely zero police involvement.
Samuel Lieberman
Bad Cop Blotter

When Drug Raids Go Bad, Cops Die and Homeowners Get Sent to Prison

It's only natural to freak out when gunmen appear at your door at odd hours.
Lucy Steigerwald

Identifying 'Criminal' Genes Will Never Prevent Violence But Might Help Explain It

A new study seems to have found two genes closely associated with violent crime, but environmental factors are still a big piece of the puzzle.
Justin Glawe

Why Did a Long Island Man Cut Off His Mom's Head?

What drives a 35-year-old to decapitate his own mother and then jump in front of an oncoming train?
John Surico